21st Century Jobs

We have a responsibility to leave our state better than we found it. Here in the 8th Congressional District, we need to protect the jobs we have – but that isn’t nearly enough. Our communities are changing, and we need to invest in diversifying our economy so our kids and grandkids have high-paying, stable job opportunities in the region that raised them. 

That’s what the 21st Century Jobs Plan is all about.

The 21st Century Jobs Plan Includes: 

  • Investing in research and development for emerging renewable energy industries to make Northern Minnesota a leading clean energy producer in the country.
  • Attracting and retaining the next generation of skilled workers through expanded apprenticeship opportunities.  
  • Expanding rural broadband to keep our rural economy competitive in the 21st Century global economy. 
  • Reforming trade policies to create a level playing field between our manufacturers and other countries – not half-baked tariff plans.
  • Ensuring that natural resource-based companies pay their fair share in taxes, and that the funding gets invested in the communities where the resources are located.

For more information check out our 21st Century Jobs Fact Sheet