Jason believes everyone deserves a fair shot at the chance to work hard and build a better life for their families. That’s why he’s spent his career fighting to make sure government looks out for our interests. Whether it’s a mining layoff, sky-high prescription drug costs, or a bank foreclosing on a family home, Jason will stand up to the self-interested big businesses who only care about their own profits, to put people first in Washington.

 Invest in People - Not Special Interests

Government should be there to lend a hand when people are down. Instead, Republicans in Congress have gutted social safety net programs to give their campaign donors and corporate contributors a tax cut. It’s time to put people first again and invest in their prosperity.

Jason will fight to make the tax system more fair for middle and working class families, and raise the federal income tax on those who can most afford it - the highest income earners.

Without budget-busting tax cuts for the super-wealthy, Jason knows we’ll find the money to protect essential programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and fund the investments in education and health care we need to rebuild the middle class.

Critical Infrastructure for a 21st Century Economy

We all deserve the opportunity to succeed, no matter where we live. But Washington hasn’t kept up with infrastructure investment, leaving our region behind. Strong, modernized infrastructure will create good jobs and allow people in Northern Minnesota to compete in a changing global economy. In Washington, Jason will make sure we repair roads and bridges and invest in high-speed transit systems to keep our communities connected. He’ll work to upgrade water treatment systems, modernize the national electric grid. Jason will also fight for investments in rural broadband to make sure rural communities have the essential internet access they need.

 A Fairer Justice System

Our criminal justice system is making it harder for people to succeed, trapping people in poverty while bad actors go free. Government should prioritize the safety of our most vulnerable and protect the ability of all Americans to succeed.

In Congress, Jason will focus on treating root causes - not punishmentsby investing in job creation, public education, and reducing poverty. It is time to legalize marijuana and abolish mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug-related offenses. For too long people have been fighting for a second chance when they never really had a first chance, we must decriminalize poverty by eliminating cash bail and stop jailing people who can’t afford probation fees and fines. And we must end violence against all women, and prosecute the perpetrators - rather than the victims of sex trafficking.