Meet Jason

Three generations before he was born, Jason’s Great-Grandfather came to Nashwauk at age 15. Starting a new life in a new country wasn’t easy, but thanks to decades of hard work and the support of a growing community, the family thrived on the Iron Range.

Jason overcame his own challenges making a life on the Iron Range — when his mother was killed in a terrible car crash at a young age, the financial interests of the insurance company kept his family from receiving the benefits they’d earned, and he lost a thriving small business at the height of the 2008 recession. Through it all, the same work ethic and community support that helped his family start a life on the Iron Range motivated Jason to keep working to improve life for his family and others in Northern Minnesota.

These experiences energized Jason to organize voters on the Iron Range and across CD8, to improve living conditions for hard-working families in Northern Minnesota. After Jason had spent several years organizing and working on successful campaigns, his mentor, Tom Rukavina, decided to retire from the Minnesota House in 2012. Jason ran to continue fighting for Minnesota families in St. Paul, and he won the seat.

As a State Legislator, Jason worked hard to represent his district effectively. He successfully pushed for funding to create jobs and build infrastructure on the Iron Range, and fought hard for union rights and paid family leave for all his constituents.

Jason believes that government should work for people, especially when they need it most. Jason has always fought for the community that helped his family build a life and a home in Northern Minnesota, and will work hard in Congress to build a strong future for his own family, and for all families, in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District.

Jason lives in Virginia with this wife Amanda and son Josiah. In his spare time he enjoys spending as much time as possible with family and fishing at the family’s cabin in Cook. 

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