Strong communities are built when we have each others’ backs, and Jason believes government should fight for our opportunity to succeed. As a state legislator, Jason fought for affordable health care and paid family leave to make sure families could care for themselves and their loved ones. In Congress, he’ll make sure government gives people the tools they need to ensure their families survive - and thrive.

 Universal Health Care

Health care is a human right. People need to be able to afford high-quality health care without having to worry about going into bankruptcy. Jason will fight for a single payer health care system. Too much money is going to insurance executives, while working families are left without the coverage they need. Government must ensure affordable, accessible, comprehensive health care for everyone.

 Paid Family & Medical Leave

Families deserve the right to spend the most exciting and the most challenging moments in life with the people they love. Jason will fight to pass paid family and medical leave to ensure that families have the time they need without the fear of losing their jobs and economic security.

Opioid Epidemic

Too many of our friends and neighbors are impacted by the opioid epidemic - it is time for Congress to fund solutions by holding drug companies accountable for the negative side effects of their products and using the funds for prevention and treatment.