Debt Free Higher Education

Too few Minnesotans have the opportunity to get postsecondary education. That’s why Jason supports free two- and four-year education at public colleges, universities, and vocational institutions. 

It’s not just good for those students who benefit – it’s necessary for all of us. Right now, hundreds of high-paying jobs go unfilled because potential employees do not have access to the training they need to fill the jobs.

If we don’t invest in the next generation of talent (and in the retraining of current employees), our economy will suffer. We can’t afford not to invest in higher education for all Americans who want it. 

The Debt Free Higher Education Plan includes: 

  • Free tuition for any student attending a two- or four-year public institution.
  • Funding union-based training programs.
  • Cutting interest rates on government-held student loans and allowing students to refinance their loans at lower interest rates.

For more information check out the Debt Free Higher Education Plan Fact Sheet.