Health Care for All of Us

Health care is a basic human right. Under our current system, health care is a privilege only the wealthy can afford.

This is wrong. Working people deserve high-quality, accessible care, and they need to be able to afford that care without having to worry about going into bankruptcy.

That’s why Jason supports an expanded Medicare for All program that would cover medical, dental, vision, reproductive, and mental health care for all Americans regardless of age, gender, race, or income.

The Health Care for All of Us Plan includes:  

  • Preserving the protections of the Affordable Care Act and ensuring that Medicare and Medicaid are always around for those who need it.
  • A Medicare for All solution that covers the full spectrum of health for all Americans, including physical, mental, dental, and reproductive health. 
  • Full protections for access to women’s health care without questions or challenges.   

For more details check out the Health Care for All of Us Fact Sheet