Jason believes that government should make life better for all of us. As our congressman, he’ll focus on:

Care You Can Afford

Strong communities are built when we have each others’ backs, and Jason believes government should fight for our opportunity to succeed. As a state legislator, Jason fought for affordable health care and paid family leave to make sure families could care for themselves and their loved ones. In Congress, he’ll make sure government gives people the tools they need to ensure their families survive - and thrive.

Work That Pays What It’s Worth 

Jason’s great-grandparents came to Minnesota’s Iron Range as immigrants built a family and a home through generations of hard work. But in recent years, families are working harder than ever to try to give their families the same middle class life so many enjoyed a generation ago. We need our elected officials to fight to ensure hard work pays a fair wage. At the State Capitol, he stood with workers to protect collective bargaining, secured the unemployment benefits that laid off steelworkers deserved, and helped pass wage protections for Minnesota workers. In Congress, Jason will fight for jobs and economic security we can count on. 

A Level Playing Field

Jason believes everyone deserves a fair shot at the chance to work hard and build a better life for their families. That’s why he’s spent his career fighting to make sure government looks out for our interests. Whether it’s a mining layoff, sky-high prescription drug costs, or a bank foreclosing on a family home, Jason will stand up to the self-interested big businesses who only care about their own profits, to put people first in Washington.