Jason’s great-grandparents came to Minnesota’s Iron Range as immigrants built a family and a home through generations of hard work. But since the recession, working families like Jason’s are falling further behind while the greatest gains go to the richest Americans and big corporations.

It’s time to put working people’s interests before big donors. At the State Capitol, he stood with workers to protect collective bargaining, secured the unemployment benefits that laid off steelworkers deserved, and helped pass wage protections for Minnesota workers. In Congress, Jason will fight for jobs and economic security we can count on.

Affordable, Accessible Education

Education has been a great equalizer throughout our country’s history. But for too long, government has shortchanged public schools and failed to make post-secondary education accessible to everyone.

Education must be a pathway to prosperity for all of us - that’s why Jason will fight to increase public school funding across the board and develop a more equitable funding formula that doesn't rely on property tax base or community wealth. Jason will also work to make tuition free for all two- and four-year public colleges and universities.

Smarter, Tougher Trade Policies

For decades, our region has felt the negative effects of our unfair trade practices, like illegal steel dumping. Jason would pursue smarter, tougher trade policies that protect American workers and hold other countries accountable for unfair workforce practices.

Research and Technology

Research and development play a critical role in building the industries of the future. In the State Legislature, Jason brought solar energy manufacturing to his district and invested in water treatment research. In Congress, he’ll invest in the research and technology that will create high-wage jobs for generations to come.

 Stronger Union Workforce

Labor unions built the middle class. It’s time to make collective bargaining a basic right and empower workers again. In Congress, Jason will protect workers’ right to unionize, fight Right to Work legislation, and push for incentives for communities that adopt Project Labor Agreements.

 Support for Farmers in a Changing Economy

The federal government is not doing enough to protect farmers from volatile markets or to build the next generation of farmers. Washington must be an active partner in making sure farmers have the support they need to prosper. In Congress, Jason will oppose the current farm bill, which would add restrictive work requirements to SNAP benefits and gut programs to help farmers afford sustainability upgrades and market expansion opportunities. In its place, he’d work to pass stronger, fairer farm bills that fully fund critical programs and invest in small and mid-size farming operations over large-scale corporate farms. Finally, Jason would Invest in research to make farms more profitable, increase crop diversity, and protect pollinators.

Fight for Workers’ Rights

While profits for the rich continue to grow, families have to work harder than ever to build a good life for themselves and their families. We need to fight for fair pay, strong benefits, and dignity in the workplace for all workers, in every sector of our economy.

In Congress, Jason will fight to roll back anti-union laws and protect the right to collectively bargain and protect pensions that workers have earned. Workers need to be able to take a day off when they are sick, making workplaces healthier - that is why he will pass sick and safe time. Additionallyworking families deserve to have a stable and predictable schedule, which is why Jason will work to create fair scheduling laws. 

Folks deserve a fair wage for a hard days work - not only a fair wage, but an equal one. Jason will work to guarantee wage equality by holding companies accountable to paying women and people of color an equal wage.